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        The 924 at this point in time is in a perfect  position. It's realiable, cheap and handles great.
They are so cheap if you are a porschefile, you can't aford not to have one. Many 924  owners have
atleast 2 if not more cars. And with the affordability of the car means you have plenty to spend on
Mods. And the mods are much cheaper than most other porsches. Its a great car even if its
just used as a beater, and it CAN  take a beating.
    I think NOW is the time to do to the 924 what has been done to the 914. Modified 914, are some
of the fastest cars on the track, beating even 911TT's, and I believe the same can be done to the 924!
A 924 with a 951 motor has been called the ultimate sleeper.  So when you refer to your 924 as your
"beater car" It will have a new meaning. Just think, you have a car that cost less than 1/10 a new
super car and you can keep up, if not beat them, makes you love the 924 all that much more doesn't